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September 29th, 2019

Chris Tetreault-Blay's It's a Long Way to the Moon is a heart-warming, inspirational rhyming picture book that follows the exploits of a moth with just one dream - to fly to the moon. Along with help from some lovable animal friends, he discovers an easier way to accomplish his goal and invites children along for the ride. Taking its cues from the works of such greats as Julia Donaldson and Eric Carle, Tetreault-Blay's creation is set to become a classic in itself.

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June 19th, 2020

The Courtenay family is cursed, and doomed to repeat their cycle of despicable acts against their fellow man, all in the name of continuing their lineage. The curse comes in the form of the figure known as the Trickerjack, who serves the Devil to steal souls from the living. The family he was born from are far from normal. Fear, obsession, torture. They all exist as everyday activities for them.

Listen as the Courtenay family's twisted tale is told in a truly chilling fashion. Narrator Dave Jackson brings this anthology of heinous and horrific stories to life in this brand new audiobook.

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