Chris Tetreault-Blay started his writing journey in 2013, more-or-less immediately after receiving the news he was to be a father. Driven by his sudden urge to note down an array of thoughts going through his mind, Chris soon found he had enough material scattered across many pages to write his first full-length novel.

Acolyte was to be his debut release, published in 2015, followed shortly thereafter in 2016/17 with sequels The Sowing Season and Of Gods & Insects to create the Wildermoor Apocalypse trilogy. Chris also dabbled in self-publishing, with the release of two novellas, House of Courtenay and Blackgang: The Trickerjack Trail.

2019 saw the biggest changes in Chris' career to date, as he formed his own publishing company Dead Men's Tales Publishing, and diversified from his beloved horror genre with the release of his first children's picture book, It's A Long Way To The Moon. Chris expanded his publishing portfolio in summer 2020 with the formation of a sister company, Poison Apple Publishing, under which he plans to release further child-friendly releases, and also launched his own writing-oriented podcast, Dead Men Talk.

Chris currently lives in Newton Abbot, in South Devon in the UK, with his wife and twin children.